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2nd All India Interstate Medical Healthy Heart Cricket tournament

Lipid Association of India (LAI) is engaged in the generating awareness on the detection, diagnosis, management and prevention of dyslipidaemia amongst healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the community. In this endeavour series of academic activities for HCPs and public lectures for at community level have been organized have been organised. Further several sports activities including marathon, cricket tournament were organized recently.

LAI is pleased to organize 2nd All India Interstate Medical Cricket tournament on 20th,21st and 22nd December 2019 at different Cricket grounds in Delhi. The final match will be played at Jasola Sports Complex Cricket ground from 1:30pm onward on the Sunday, 22nd December 2019.

Rules and regulations

  • 8 teams’ format with 2 groups divided in 4 teams each. (one foreign team to be divided in each group optional). Rest all 6 teams to be divided as per lottery system.
  • Each team to be given minimum 2 league matches which will be played on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st December (morning and evening session as per the draw). Sunday morning semi-finals following by Final on Sunday 22nd December.
  • The league matches will be played as per the lottery or draw taken out by the core-committee in each group (group A & B). Remaining 2 semi-final slot will be decided on the basis of net run/rate among the remaining teams after all the league matches are finished. Hence only one team with best net run rate among the remaining 3 teams of each group A and B will qualifying for the semi-final.
  • Semi-final I group A position 1 Team will play with group B position 2 (position divided as per the league status of each team in each group).
  • Semi-final II group B position 1 Team will play with group A position 2.
  • All the matches to be played under ICC rules, T-20 format. First power play of 5 overs bowling power play (maximum 3 fielders are allowed outside the inner circle. Batting power play is to be taken by the batting side after 5 overs of play or before the 15th over. In case the batting side does not opt for powerplay before the 15th over. 15th over automatically will be enforced as batting power play.
  • Super sub player name will have to be given before start of play to the umpires.
  • If any team presents later than 20minutes of the scheduled time for the commencement of the match, a walkover shall be given to the present team.
  • All the matches including finals match will be of 20 overs each. Any match if starts late due to weather or any other reasons it will be the sole right of the umpires to reduce the overs if required.
  • Twenty overs match will consist of one power play of 5 overs with a maximum of two fielders outside the ring. If batting power play is not taken earlier then 15th over will automatically be applied as power play with maximum three players (fielders) outside the ring.
  • Minimum of four players will be allowed inside the ring during whole duration of the match of 20 overs except the power play.
  • Neutral umpires, state of art cricket grounds, online scoring, high quality balls will be provided by the organisers.
  • Any rules changes required will be sole discretion of the organising committee which will be followed by everyone.
  • Each bowler can ball maximum of 4 overs
  • Duckworth–Lewis (D/L) method will be followed whenever required i.e. overs are lost.
  • All matches to be played with white balls of best quality.
  • All teams will have to wear the specified official T-shirt and lower.
  • Each team shall be responsible to bring their own cricket kit.