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The Lipid Association of India was born in 2012, with the aim of promoting the field of lipidology and spreading awareness among physicians, who treat patients with dyslipidemia, in order to help them face day to day challenges in treatment of dyslipidemia, which is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in India.

Since its inception, LAI has conducted several regional conferences in India over the years, with the help of local experts to disseminate information on evidence-based management of dyslipidemia, also keeping in mind the challenging scenario in India.

LAI has conducted several International Summits on Lipids with participation by several eminent international faculties. The feather in our cap is the formulation and publication of a two-part, ‘Expert consensus guidelines for management of dyslipidemia in Indians’. Our experts were the first group internationally to recommend lowering of serum LDL-C to level < 50 mg/dl in extremely high-risk population. We have been conducting annual lipidology courses, endorsed by the IAS, where a select group of physicians are trained to become experts in management of lipidology. We are currently working on establishing the first ever, comprehensive registry of Familial Hyperlipidemia in India.

Sports and physical activity are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. The positive, direct effects of engaging in sports are particularly apparent in the prevention of Cardiovascular disease, hypertension and several other chronic diseases. Thus, promoting a healthy lifestyle and working towards reduction of heart risk in our upcoming project we have chosen our mascot to be our country’s beloved and widely celebrated sport, cricket!

Cricket is probably the strongest unifier of the nation. Regardless of religion, region, language or class in our extremely diverse population; all of India “bleeds blue”. The love for cricket in India has always been a powerful contributor in the country’s social transformation. With its place in our hearts, we hope it will help us cure them.

In December 2019 the ‘Second National Healthy Heart Medico Cricket Tournament’ will be held, where doctors from different parts of India and abroad will be playing this tournament, which will be a series of 7 matches.

Through the years, LAI has grown tremendously in terms of the national and international spread of its membership and in terms of the diversity of physician specialists who have contributed academically. With this new project we aspire to spread more awareness not only among physicians and medical practitioners, but also the general population, contributing more academically and achieving greater heights to reduce the heart risk in India.