Who We Are

Lipid Association of India (LAI) is a team of eminent doctors in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology and young doctors who are interested in the field of lipidology.

In India the incidence of dyslipidemia is reported to be between 10-13% in various studies, thus reflecting the magnitude of this health problem when viewed in context of a population of 1.27 billion. Studies have also shown that prevalence of atherogenic small, dense LDL, hypertriglyceridemia and abnormally low HDL is significantly higher in Asian Indians as compared with white Caucasians in USA. Therefore, the guidelines on hyperlipidemia management by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association may not be applicable to Indian population.

Our objective is to focus on research activities related to prevalence of dyslipidemia in Indian population and to formulate guidelines for dyslipidemia management for Indians. We will also be working towards creating awareness among general public regarding the adverse effects of dyslipidemia in order to achieve our aim of “A Healthy Heart for Better Tomorrow”.

Lipid Association of India

2nd All India Healthy Hearth Medicos Cricket Tournament 2019 is an attempt to reinforce the ethos of LAI to ensure the object of this event is to

  • Promote healthy life style among the medical personal i.e. doctors.
  • LAI desires that you shoudl screen your patients and fellow citizens for dyslipidemia and maitain their lipid levels as per LAI recommendations
  • LDL-Cholesterol levels should be maintained around 70 mg/dl irrespective of age
  • Please join our "National Awareness Campaign" of preventing all pre-mature cardiovascular diseases and deaths.

Our Cricket Events

Victory of LAI Team

LAI Match Highlights - LAI v/s Amravati, 22nd Dec 2018, New Delhi

LAI Match Highlights - Hyderabad v/s Chennai, 22nd Dec 2018, New Delhi

LAI Match Highlights - LAI v/s Hyderabad, Semi Final, 23rd Dec 2018, New Delhi

Award Ceremony:1st All India Healthy Heart Medicos Cricket Tournament–2018

LAI IMA Meerut - Hot Weather Cricket Tournament

Captain of LAI Cricket Team in his clinic

Dr Shashi Kumar Singh Captain of LAI cricket team

LAI in Nashik with Dr Anand Agroya

LAI Team in Greater Noida

LAI Cricket Team wins